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  1. I'd like to welcome....
  2. Road race tires?
  3. wet traction with lowering springs
  4. Looking for special alignment shop
  5. An upcoming event at RA 7/20-23rd...
  6. Are you guys into autocrossing or more road racing??
  7. Info on Alfa outing at Road America...
  8. Back roads
  9. CART pratice session open to public...
  10. I Just Wanted To Know
  11. no speed limit on this highway...
  12. OOHHH! a new forum!
  13. Vipers running at RA on 8/10 and 8/11 if you want to go
  14. Elkhart lake
  15. MC autocross at Gingerman
  16. ESP setup questions
  17. What size rims and tires
  18. MFBA @ Road America for next year...
  19. Drag radials and handling
  20. Brainerd, MN Track Days - 8/25-26-27
  21. Kuhmo's? Or.... ?
  22. Announcement in EVENTS section!!!
  23. interesting transamserries ubb...
  24. Brake pads for road courses and street
  25. OK Lets talk Shocks...
  26. Road America Q&A;?
  27. The buyer for my '99 1LE Z/28 backed-out of the deal - back on the market
  28. Autocross event at Rt. 66 on Sunday
  29. Update on brake pads
  30. Road America reminder
  31. Roll Cage Pics with-in
  32. Can I roadrace my car? Q's within>>>>>
  33. Finished Roll Cage Pics
  34. Autocross at Blackhawk Farms Sept. 30
  35. Brake pads update
  36. Suspension shops??
  37. Gauranteed track for next year!!!!
  38. SCCA racing on Speedvision question
  39. First time at an auto cross
  40. Power Steering Fluid suggestions?
  41. Road America Dates are HERE!!!!!
  42. Who needs a Global West Traclink?
  43. R.A. Registration OPEN!!!!
  44. anything going on?
  45. Hey Dan (Dan00Hawk)and Mike (ForbidnLT1) - - >
  46. corner carvers within...
  47. When is the Road America list going to be updated?
  48. Road America Date Change?
  50. Others now know about Road America
  51. Car's Registered for Road America
  52. Solo events/autocross for 2001
  53. hey corner carvers... when we meetin?
  54. Who is going to RA ????
  55. I need new rotors...what are my options?
  56. Pay Pal is up for Road America
  57. Track rental day at Gingerman
  58. Offical Corner Carver Meeting!!
  59. Millrose booked solid
  60. alternate to the milrose maybe
  61. New meeting place
  62. Q's about Suspension Stuff... Paul?
  63. I love my girlfriend.
  64. Install Party(s)...?
  65. RA motorbike wipe out pic.
  66. Rear Swaybar Q?
  67. F & R Shocks & Springs for a '69
  68. cryogenetic services?
  69. Who wants to freeze there stuff
  70. Cool new forum
  71. Which Road Race tires to buy?
  72. Punch List For RA
  73. Any Automatic Cars set up for Road Racing?
  74. I'm in!
  75. I'd love to hear some Road America talk!!!
  76. F-body's going to Road America...
  77. Where To Get Performance Friction Brake Pads?
  78. Autocross event
  79. what size?
  80. RA Coordinators... got 3 possibles...
  81. 2 piece rotors
  82. Rollbars & Harness Bars
  83. RA: helmets?
  84. prep./mods for road racing?
  85. Short Throw Shifters
  86. Sway bars
  87. RearEnd Jumps to Left
  88. NSSCC indoor drivers school
  89. Front Brakes Doing All The Work
  90. Want to by 21mm rear bar, cant remember site
  91. Only a dozen spots left open for RA!!!!
  92. before we go to RA look at this
  93. Anyone That Has Used Power Slots, Got A ?
  94. When is the training class in Rolling Meadows?
  95. Welcome Paul Yankey as a moderator!!!!
  96. Where are you guys staying at RA
  97. Good suggestions for Brake Pads to use at RA?
  98. Brake line question
  99. O.K. What is needed for Road America??
  100. any Autocross events in March or early April around here?
  101. ROTOR CRYO?
  102. Is a 3200 stall converter too much for road racing?
  103. The JSCC schedule is here. You guys are welcome to come race.
  104. Nice tires for speed and corners
  105. Sears Sells Brake Ducts For Firebirds
  106. indiana autox Apr 8
  107. Chicago region SCCA autocrosses
  108. Anyone going to Ft Wayne AutoX school on Sat?
  109. Road America Slots are all Full
  110. When is everyone leaving for R.A.?
  111. RA rooms
  112. GP on Helmets (pageing z28kid93)
  113. Grouping for Road America is DONE!!!!
  114. Caravan up to Road America!
  115. Corbeau A4 and Schroth 3pt harness installed
  116. High Temp fluids, whats your poison?
  117. ah, back on the track...
  118. Grouping Question
  119. Minnesota Caravan
  120. RA Checklist
  121. Need to find someone that shaves tires
  122. Some RA questions
  123. anyone going to JJC autocross sunday?
  124. Spot for Road America
  125. Hal adjustable shock settings
  126. This weather sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  127. Can passengers wear shorts?
  128. If you want an extra helmet...
  129. More spots avalible for Road America
  130. thanks RA crew!
  131. Lapping event at Gingerman Raceway, July 3rd
  132. Lost camera bag
  133. Thanks! =)
  134. Over 280 RA pics
  135. Did the JSCC autocross yesterday!
  136. Road Race Training.....
  137. Lap times from RA?
  138. RA footage request
  139. videos from RA
  140. Best handling springs that are still streetable?
  141. Next autocross? Joliet or Indiana?
  142. Autocross on May 20 !
  143. Need tires? Incredible deal at TireRack for BFG R1's
  144. Where can I get a 4 point or 5 point harness for a 92 Grand Prix?
  145. Anyone signed up for the Club SI lapping day at Gingerman?
  146. Cool road america vid
  147. SCCA Solo2 in Peru, IN
  148. JSSC event tomorrow
  149. Hey Paul!
  150. Solo 2 - Milwaukee Region SCCA
  151. Road Racing
  152. SCCA event saturday with viper club
  153. Chicagoland speedway June 24th
  154. Hi speed 1 lap Autocross at Blackhawk farms
  155. july 14-15 at grattan
  156. Corner carvers meeting
  157. SCCA autox
  158. Third Gens Can, Even with a Lady at the Wheel
  159. Coil over suspension
  160. cool vid
  161. cool articles on Heel/toe
  162. new carver
  163. 93 Forumla PUSHES!!!!!! (yuck)
  164. High Speed AutoX at Black Hawk Farms 7/28
  165. all american autox
  166. Cryogenically doing a rear end?
  167. Got Brakes!
  168. track time
  169. 01 SS Green FBird at RA?
  170. Need More Neg Camber
  171. Problem with your power steering fluid overheating?
  172. Okay, I'm ready...
  174. Gingerman OCT 20th.
  175. Rules suck
  176. Turning X-drilled rotors
  177. Opinions wanted on this rollbar
  178. JSSC website?
  179. Anyone going to Miller Park for SCCA solo 2 Monday?
  180. Global West Front UCA's (2 Thumbs Up!!!)
  181. This is why a roll bar is a good ideal
  182. Any of you interested in an autocross event monday?
  183. National Solo2 event in Topeka, KS
  184. New post on Oct. 20th!
  185. Wisconsin State Fair Park Today
  186. Gingerman Meeting
  187. anyone attending the US Grand Prix this weekend?
  188. bye-bye Chitown, back to the land of curvy roads!
  189. Paid MFBA Members get RA in Advance
  190. RoadRacers Help
  191. GingerMan Lodging and Other Details
  192. Road America Questions
  193. What is a T1 car?
  194. Got Tires!
  195. LT1 vs LT4 for road racing
  196. Gingerman this weekend
  197. Gingerman
  198. Lowering springs???
  199. Broken shock maybe??
  200. Registration for Road America NOW Open to MFBA
  201. Looking for a roadrace/street car.... or should I just mod mine? (long)
  202. what to get for a track car?
  203. Updates on Road America Event
  204. shocks
  205. It was a pretty bad day
  206. 93-97 F-Body's are legal in SSGT and ITGT
  207. 4th Gen. w2w in midwestern council
  208. tires????
  209. yet another tire post....
  210. Brake Ducts
  211. 0 of 100 spots left for Road America
  212. Motorsport Show
  213. Tires
  214. On track Driving schools vs Seat time, which is better?
  215. Tired of Winter? Let's go racing THIS Sunday!!!
  216. Diablo and others, track videos
  217. For those that do not yet know...
  218. need experienced opinons
  219. I think I want to do some Autocrossing this year
  220. Tire question
  221. BobC or someone that has/had 1LE sway bars
  222. Will air ducting help my stock brakes at RA?
  223. ? For those who have been to Road America
  224. Tires
  225. C5 brakes on fourth-gens
  226. Do F-body Convertibles need a rollbar to run at RA???
  227. Roomate for RA Event?
  228. Gingerman Raceway
  229. Best way to get started in road racing?
  230. Paging BOB C
  231. Brake duct install "modfest"
  232. Viper bites it
  233. This is TOO funny
  234. Did you know there is a Road America track and F-Body's available for Sports Car GT?
  235. Great Parts Source
  236. F.S.- 99 Camaro Z28 1LE for auto-x or RR'ing
  237. Proportioning Valve Questions
  238. First AutoX this past Sunday, wow.
  239. Road America question
  240. Anyone have the SCCA GCR on a web site or somewhere I could FTP download?
  241. RA Grouping is now up!
  242. Autocross April 21st in Joliet at Route66 Raceway
  243. More cool road racing video's
  244. Brakes are ready!
  245. RA Hot Lap
  246. Alignment: Can I get -1.0 camber on stock components?
  247. Got a W2W novice license and beat a turbo RX7 for 1st place in SSGT
  248. RA event April 20-21, 2002
  249. post your times and speeds @ Road America
  250. Brake ????????